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Global Emergency Management Institute (GEMI) aims to improve and prepare tomorrow’s generation for the ever-increasing need of emergency management professionals on an international level. Furthermore, our goal is to offer applicants and survivors with necessary emergency preparedness information and resources to best prepare in the event of a natural disaster.

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GEMI will offer specialized training resources that targets and focuses on emergency preparedness, planning, response, disaster recovery and hazard mitigation best practices.


Mitigation programs can be applied towards parts of the facilities that were damaged by the disaster as a mitigation measure to directly reduce the potential future of a similar disaster damage to the eligible facility. (Exceptions apply)


Disaster preparedness begins with us as a whole, community wide, as well as individually. Preparedness encompasses winter weather, flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides and debris flow, tsunamis, power outages, financial preparedness, youth preparedness, receiving national as well as local emergency alerts and notifications.


Evacuation warning, search and rescue, providing immediate assistance, transport, provision of medical supplies, emergency protective measures, barricades, sheltering, removal of life-threatening debris, etc. Essentially meeting the basic needs of life and eliminating threat to it, until a more permanent and viable solution can be provided.


Disaster Recovery aims to resume critical functions after a disaster as quickly as possible. It includes in most cases Individual Assistance and Public Assistance in order to restore the community to its pre-disaster condition, if it qualifies for a declaration after preliminary damage assessments have been concluded. (Exceptions apply)

COVID-19 Pandemic (Web Resources, Information and Charts)

Below you will find a list of web links and resources related to COVID-19 (COVID) pandemic.

Lessons learned from across the globe will be utilized in assessing how to best avoid the same disaster response and recovery mistakes from being repeated again. The intended use of GEMI, in collaboration with Global Emergency Management Agency LLC (GEMA LLC), is to facilitate applicants and survivors to be well prepared in case of future devastating natural disasters.

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